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Top online business tools for running your SME

Does your business need a technology makeover? In today’s marketplace as an SME owner you need to be agile, collaborative and efficient. In other words, simply relying on email and the telephone to communicate with your customers and employees often isn’t enough. Using online business tools like these, will help your employees work as a […]

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The moneymakers at work

6 HR apps for SMEs

How apps can help you run a more efficient and collaborative business – at your desk or in the field. As a busy SME owner, the less paperwork you have to sift through the better, right? Well, these human resource applications are one way of helping to clean out your filing cabinet. For good. In […]

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HR technology: the biggest changes are yet to come

Why 2016 is going to be a progressive one for HR management. Cloud-based HR platforms, new software categories and mobile apps are just some of the trends set to sweep HR circles in 2016. If you’re a business owner or HR manager, there’s no better New Year’s resolution than promising to set aside your manual […]

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How to run your HR department like a best practice SME

As the owner of a growing business, you’re no doubt an expert juggler. But, as your business grows, you can’t do it all. Eventually, balls get dropped and you need to take a different approach to ensure your business continues to thrive. HR is one such area that often gets pushed to the end of […]

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The future of HR technology: 5 predictions to plan for

Like so many things, the world of HR is changing dramatically in the face of rapidly-developing technology. Deloitte and Bloomberg estimate the HR technology market is now worth $15 billion[1], with further growth anticipated as the industry continues to expand and innovate. Software Advice’s recent Human Resources Software BuyerView 2015 report found that, “The biggest […]

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Benefits of automating HR admin

DiffuzeHR CEO, Mikki Silverman, interviews HR expert, Vikki Southey, on the benefits of automating HR Vikki Southey, Principal of Lucamie, is a human resource specialist who works with small to medium businesses assisting them to achieve better business results. Vikki’s extensive experience leading HR teams means she understands the fundamentals of tools, systems, policies, and […]

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