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How technology is changing the way SMEs conduct performance reviews

Going digital might actually be the best way to really get to know your staff. In this modern business environment, managers must focus more on people and culture and stop treating employees like resources, according to a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) report. To do this, companies are not only conducting their annual performance reviews, […]

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What’s the secret to avoiding workplace stress and conflict?

Don’t let bad relations sink your SME. Poorly managed stress and conflict can undermine the success of your SME. For instance, a 2013 Safe Work Australia study found mental stress claims are the most expensive form of workers’ compensation claims in Australia. This is because often lengthy periods of absence from work are taken as […]

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Is your employee engagement at an all time low?

Research shows business owners must act now to keep employees’ motivated and their minds on the job. Here’s how. SME’s in every industry are now suffering the effects of low productivity, according to a Medibank Private study, Sick at Work: The cost of presenteeism to your business and the economy. The report found the cost […]

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What’s so important about the onboarding process? (Plus, how to get it right)

Attention employers: here’s an easy way to help retain your talent. When research shows 25 per cent of employees leave their jobs after just three months, you know it’s time to address the reasons why, and stop it from happening to you. After all, staff turnover can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, […]

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How to document a performance review

7 things to remember when recording your annual staff assessments.  Documenting your employee’s performance review correctly is just as important as the face-to-face meeting. Don’t stress, you won’t be bogged down in paperwork if you follow a consistent format. The payoff is, well documented assessments make it easy for you (and your employee) to review […]

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Are your staff working under the influence this Christmas period?

Sure, it’s a great time of year to socialise with colleagues and clients, but don’t let it affect productivity. Yes, the silly season is here, but there’s nothing to laugh about when your employees are turning up to work affected by drugs and alcohol. In fact, almost one in five are doing just that, according […]

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Don’t make these 3 mistakes before taking holidays

The holiday season can actually be a time for SMEs to get ahead. Here’s how. Every year it feels as if the Christmas countdown starts earlier than the previous year, right? For instance, if you go online in October, you are sure to find savvy business owners already spruiking their seasonal deals. Which is why […]

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Unfairly Dismissed for Behaving Badly at the Staff Christmas Party

A staff Christmas party went horribly wrong for one employee in 2014. All staff were notified of the party location – at a hired venue – and the hours for attendance, 6pm until 10pm. All pretty straight forward. But… During the official event the employee became intoxicated and proceeded to tell senior managers to “f**k […]

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Labour hire and redundancy – what are your obligations?

Compass Group is a labour hire company who provided labour to the Department of Defence under various contracts for stores and transport services, as well as fire and rescue services, between 2005 and 2014. Compass Group’s contracts were reviewed or extended a number of times during that period. In 2014, the Department changed its tender […]

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Can performance management be seen as bullying?

9 simple ways to reduce the chance of your employee claiming they are being bullied during a performance management process. There is often a misconception among employees that when they are being performance managed – whether it’s because they’re not reaching targets or achieving the corporate objectives of your business – they think they are […]

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